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Frequently Asked Questions

Proposed capacity & bill of material may vary from actual site condition after detailed engineering.
The load-bearing capacity of the roof should be adequate to carry the load of the MMS system considering the wind load of the zone. PARAS RAM SOLAR/ PARAS RAM SOLAR Authorized channel partner will require a Roof stability report from the Client for a deadweight of 25 Kg/Sq.mt for the slant on/before 10 days if a Purchase order is allotted to us. Any further damages due to roof stability concerns should be handled by the Client.
Based on the availability, PARAS RAM SOLAR shall have the right to choose final makes from the offered ones.
Metering will be provided in the Solar ACCB installed.
PARAS RAM SOLAR/ PARAS RAM SOLAR Authorized channel partner will provide a cable tray for cable laying. The DC and AC cables are routed through conduits, cable trays, and trench.
Applicable as per relevant IEC/ IS codes
PARAS RAM SOLAR/ PARAS RAM SOLAR Authorized channel partner
requires LAN/ SIM for the remote monitoring system from the Client for
remote monitoring of the project.
Water & electricity required for construction & maintenance of solar power plant shall be in Client scope.
The Client will directly pay all statutory charges, fees, and liasioning expenses against CEIG statutory requirements. Statutory charges for DISCOM to be paid by Client.
Inverter & ACDB locations are indicated in Array Layout.

The average distance between Inverter to ACDB is considered as 20 mts. approx.

The distance considered from ACDB to Client’s main LT panel room via cable tray and cable trench is 50 mts appro.

Please note, the distances are calculated as per the Inverter placement location conveyed during the detailed site survey. In case there is any change in inverter position from the Client’s side at a later stage than any commercial implication due to change in inverter position or change in ACDB location, extension panel, or any other change not previously conveyed then it will be charged at actuals.
PARAS RAM SOLAR/ PARAS RAM SOLAR Authorized channel partner has considered ESE type LA.
Not applicable or as per Site
Net Meter Approval considered in PARAS RAM SOLAR/ PARAS RAM SOLAR Authorized channel partner Scope, including 1 No meter replacement. Statutory charges to Discom to be paid by Client.
The client will provide a water tapping point near the respective roof. The water quality should be as per IS 10500 for cleaning the module. TDS should be less than 500mg/lt. We have considered piping arrangement for module cleaning arrangement.
Yes. Safe roof access to the roof to be given by the client.
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